Bel Canto Pre3 Preamp, offering balanced inputs and outputs, two remote rontrols (Universal Bel Canto remote), in immaculate condition, a very neutral performer and a bargain in the SS Preamp world
R 14 900

Bel Canto

Bel Canto

Audio Research Ref 2 Special Edition Phono Stage, Benchmark phono stage with 72 dB max. gain, balanced out, change your cartridge loading via remote, only 3 years old, 6 months warranty (V 1 m), client upgraded to Ref 10 Phono Stage
R 98 000

Audio Research Ref Phono 2 Special Edition

Audio Research CD3, with new drive unit which has done +/- 50 hours only. Very solid performer
R 21 500

Audio Research CD3

Plinius SA 103 Stereo Power Amplifier, delivers 125 Watts RMS Class A per channel into 8 ohms and 220 watts RMS Class A per channel into 4 ohms, as a Monoblock will deliver in excess of 400 Watts RMS into 8 ohms and 730 RMS into 4 ohms, current output 50 A per channel, this amplifier has had one owner and is in pristine condition, including original box and manual
R 47 000




Jeff Rowland Aeris Pre-DAC, this DAC can be directly attached to a power amplifier and can therefore eliminate a preamplifier. State of the art build quality, offering a seperate power supply and heavy duty metal remote control. Highly regarded in the High End Press and can be compared to the finest DAC's available today. XLR and RCA outputs. Total jitter <1 picosecond RMS, THD and noise <0.0006% analog outputs, 12 months warranty with original packaging,
new price R 159'000
R 98 000

JR Aeris

Audio Research DSi200 SS Integrated Amplifier, 200 Watts into 8 Ohms, 350 Watts into 4 Ohms, balanced, including remote, this amplifier specifically works well with Maggies and Sonus Faber, 6 months warranty with original packaging,
new price R 100'000
R 68 000 Demo Unit Price

Audio Research DSi200

Raidho D1 Loudspeaker, one of the finest Standmount Speakers ever made, see rave report in TAS, price includes dedicated Raidho Stands, one speaker has got slight cosmetic damages on two corners, 88 dB, 6 Ohms, new price US$ 22'000.00
R 79 000 negotiable

Raidho D1 Loudspeaker

Audio Research Ref150 Valve Power Amplifier, with KT120, 2 years old, only 421 hours, glorious valve sound, 165 watts per channel, 6 months warrenty (V 1m)
R 94 000

Audio Research Ref150

Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Valve Amplifier, with KT150 valves, 6 months old, with +/- 70 hours only, factory warranty will be transferred to new owner, immaculate condition, new price R 135 000.
Reduced to R 78 000

Audio Research Ref5 SE Preamplifier, silver finish, with new high quality Audio Research power supply valve, one owner, with a 6 months warrenty (V 1m), owner upgraded to new AR Ref6 Preamp
R 89 000

Audio Research Reference 5 Valve Preamplifier, this model can be upgraded to the Special Edition version, comes with
a 6 months warranty (V 1m)
R 75 000

Audio Research Ref5

Dynaudio C4 Mk 2 Loudspeaker, in beautiful black gloss finish, 2 1/2 years old, perfect condition with wooden crates, a true reference speaker. Selling new at +/- R 350'000, transport costs within South Africa included
R 165 000

Dynaudio C4 Mk2 Loudspeaker

Audio Research Ref 3 Pre-amp, black faceplate, low hours, comes with a 6 months warranty (V 1 m)
R 46 900

Naim Supernait 2, Integrated amp, 1 year old
Reduced to R 36 500

Audio Research PH6 Phono Stage, including remote control, condition as new
R 39 850

Audio Research PH6 Phono Stage

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp, including phono stage and remote control
R 29 900

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