Audio Research Ref 250 Mono Blocks, with KT120, serviced, all valves tested, only 2 1/2 years old, fantastic amplifiers with phenomenal sound stage, tonal correctness, tangible presentation of real instruments, new SE version selling for over R 500'000, 6 months warrenty (V 1m)
R 219 000

Audio Research Ref150 Valve Power Amplifier, with KT120, 2 years old, only 421 hours, glorious valve sound, 165 watts per channel, 6 months warrenty (V 1m)
R 94 000

Audio Research Ref150

Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Valve Amplifier, with KT150 valves, 6 months old, with +/- 70 hours only, factory warranty will be transferred to new owner, immaculate condition, new price R 135 000.
R 83 000

Audio Research Ref5 SE Preamplifier, silver finish, with new high quality Audio Research power supply valve, one owner, with a 6 months warrenty (V 1m), owner upgraded to new AR Ref6 Preamp
R 89 000

Audio Research Reference 5 Valve Preamplifier, this model can be upgraded to the Special Edition version, comes with
a 6 months warranty (V 1m)
R 75 000

Audio Research Ref5

Dynaudio C4 Mk 2 Loudspeaker, in beautiful black gloss finish, 2 1/2 years old, perfect condition with wooden crates, a true reference speaker. Selling new at +/- R 350'000, transport costs within South Africa included
R 165 000

Dynaudio C4 Mk2 Loudspeaker

Audio Research Ref 3 Pre-amp, black faceplate, low hours, comes with a 6 months warranty (V 1 m)
R 46 900

Naim Supernait 2, Integrated amp, 1 year old
Reduced to R 36 500

Audio Research PH6 Phono Stage, including remote control, condition as new
R 39 850

Audio Research PH6 Phono Stage

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp, including phono stage and remote control
R 29 900

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