Jeff Rowland Integrated Amplifier

R 31 800
Jeff Rowland Concentra
Jeff Rowland Concentra

This remarkable Jeff Rowland Integrated Amplifier is more or less a one box version of the Synergy Preamp and the Model 2 Poweramp. When launched, this amplifier created quite a stir in the High End cyrcles.

It features 3 balanced XLR inputs plus 3 RCA inputs.
Preamp out in both balanced and RCA outputs.
Chassis and all Chassis components, precision machined from 6061 aluminium plate , reduced distortion, resulting from mechanical resonance and thermal instabilities.

Optional plug in phono cards, convert line input 1 to a high performance MM/MC phono input.

Output power continues RMS Watts at 8 Ohms 100 Watts, at 4 Ohms 150 Watts.

A universal remote control and a wooden transport crate are provided.

Naim Supernait 3 with phono

R 64 900
Naim Supernait 3

The new Supernait 3 is equipped with upgraded powerampliers which are perfect for driving loudspeakers or headphones.

It also features a built-in phonostage(MM), making it an ideal choice for turntables.
This device features a Class A preamp output stage that also acts as a headphone amplifier.
The Supernait 3 is upgradable with external powersupplies.

Power output: 80 Watts into 8 Ohm, 135 Watts into 4 Ohm

This specific unit includes some matching speaker cables, remote control and original packaging.

Naim HiCAP

R 11 800
Naim HiCAP

The Naim HiCAP is a compact powersupply partner for almost all of Naim's preamplifiers plus phonostages and active crossovers.

It's large toroidal transformer and generous high quality smoothing capacitors ensure excellent performance.

Power outputs: 2x 24 Volts


R 69 000
Puccini SACD CD Player

Remarkable CD/SACD Player. No doubt that this digital front end will meet any audiophile's demands on digital replay.

- MechanismDual laser TEAC UMK-5 CD/SACD mechanism.
- Proprietary DCS Ring DAC topology.
- Balanced and unbalanced outputs.
- Digital inputs up to 24 bit PCM.
- 192 K or DSD in DOP format.
- Converter TypeCD data may be upsampled to DSD before oversampling.

Original packaging is provided.

Plinius SA-Reference Power amplifier

R 152 500
Plinius Reference Poweramplifier
Plinius Reference Poweramplifier
Plinius Reference Poweramplifier

The SA-Reference is the follow up of the successful SA 250 with increased power to 300 Watts into 8 Ohms and 450 Watts into 4 Ohms. Two Reference units can be bridged as monoblocks to deliver 1 kW each.
Thoughtful touches in the Reference include a ground lift switch on the rear panel, handles front and back, and the ability to switch between Class A and Class AB operation the the fly via a toggle switch on the front.
Both RCA and XLR inputs are provided.
A healthy 32 dB gain makes it an ideal partner with an Audio Research Valve Reference Preamp.
The unit is in immaculate condition.

Audio research ref10 preamplifier

R 200 000
Audio Research Reference 10 Preamplifier

There is no doubt that the AR Ref10 is a benchmark product.

The signal path is fully descrete, all tube, pure Class A, with zero feedback. Each unit is completely hand soldered and hand constructed in Minnessota.

The Ref 10 offers a further level of resolution, refinement and dynamism that vividly improve the musical experience.

This specific unit has done 1650 hours and includes original packaging and manual.

Plinius P10 Poweramplifier

R 35 000
Plinius P10 Poweramplifier

The P10 is a beautifully crafted piece of electronic gear. The front facia has no buttons, the power switch is on the rear where you can also find RCA and XLR input connectors with double pairs of outputs for the loudspeakers.

The amplifier offers a strong 200 watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms and 300 watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms. Current output is a healthy 40 amps peak per channel.

This amplifier would be ideal to drive Magnepans, Sonus Fabers and B&W Speakers.

Audio Research Ref 150 Valve Power Amplifier

R 105 000
Audio Research Ref 150

The Ref 150 is a break through in stereo power amplification. Replacing the Ref 110 was a daunting task, but it has been accomplished.

This valve amplifier offers more power, greater dynamic thrust, more vivid and resolved presentation and greater finesse.
Power supply energy storage has been doubled to 1040 joules.
Power output is rated at a 150 Watts per channel into 4 and 8 Ohms.
Internally, there is a small LCD display that indicates tube hours.

Several test reports are recommending this amplifier very highly.

The unit is in excellent condition, comes with new high quality Audio Research matched KT120 output valves, original box and manual.

Plinius SA250 MKIV

Reduced to R 109 000
Plinius SA250 MKIV poweramplifier
Plinius SA250 MKIV power amplifier

Well known power amplifier made in New Zealand which has the option to switch between Class A or Class AB. Furthermore, the amplifier is fitted with RCA terminals and XLR Balanced terminals. The possibility exists to use a second SA250 in a monoblock set up, which then pushes up the amplifiers' power to 900 Watts into 8 Ohms.
In Stereo mode the amplifier is rated at 250 Watts into 8 Ohms and double the output wattage at 4 Ohms.

This specific unit is approximately 4 years old and comes with it's original packaging.

EAR 834 Integrated Amplifier

R 39 500
EAR834 Integrated Amplifier
EAR834 Integrated Amplifier

This popular integrated valve amplifier must be one of the highlights in the EAR line-up. 50 Watts per channel produce a highly engaging, detailed, but always smooth sound. Capable of driving fairly difficult speakers and holding it's ground against much more powerful amplifiers.

Valve complement is as follows: 2x ECC 83, 2xECC 85 and 8x 6L6's (EL 34).

This specific unit had one owner, comes with it's original box and some spare valves.

Audio Research D79 Valve poweramp

R 58 000
Audio Research D79

For many Audiophiles the D79 is the best classic amplifier Audio Research has ever built. This is a rare opportunity to own this marvelous amplifier which is in very nice condition.

Anybody which has ever had the chance to listen to a D79 has been been severely impacted by the pure musicality.

This amplifier is an excellent match with horn - and pannel speakers.

Over and above, some extra valves and a special set of fuses are also included. As an additional bonus, the original AR packaging is provided.

Audio Research Valve Dac Model 9

Demo unit price p.o.a
Audio Research DAC Model 9

A great opportunity to get your hands on this wonderful Audio Research Valve Dac which is the latest version, offering full Linux compatibility.

This is our demo unit which has only done 290 hours.
Included are a metal remote control, original manual and - packaging.
Warranty two years (V 3m).
Current new price R 199 000.

Specifications are as follows:
- Dac resolution 24 bits
- Dynamic range 140 dB
- Digital inputs: USB, RCA, BNC, AES/EBU, Optical
- Digital filters selectable fast and slow algorithms
- Upsampling up to 384 kHz
- Tube complement 2 - 6 h 30 Triodes
- Outputs balanced and single-ended
This Audio Research DAC Model 9 has been fitted with a valve clock, therefore the owner can see the hourly usage of the valves.

Martin Logan summit X

R 59 800
Martin Logan Summit X

We are able to offer this outstanding electrostatic speaker which includes an active subwoofer section.

The owners choice on amplification was the well known Audio Research Ref250 monoblock, but good results have also been achieved with the less powerful Audio Research Ref75.
These world-class speakers prefer a bigger room to show their full potential and excel in transparency, accuracy, speed and beautiful sound stage, which specifically benefits an analog source.
The Summits are one-owner units and in lovely condition. The price of R 59 000 must be seen as an absolute bargain.

Technical details:
270 hz crossover point,
Frequency response 24'000 - 23'000 hz (+/- 3 db),
2x 10 inch powered (2x 200 watts) aluminium coned woofers
Sensitivity 92 db,
Impedance 4 Ohms,
Weight 34 kg,
Finish light oak,

We are also pleased to mention that the original packaging is provided.

Dali Megaline Speakers

Dali Megaline Loudspeaker
Dali Megaline Loudspeaker
Dali Megaline Loudspeaker

This is one of the finest Full Range Loudspeakers ever made.
The Dali Megaline Loudspeaker is a genuine line source speaker which demonstrates very real advantages. This speaker is a statement product which stands nearly 2.5 m tall and uses no fewer than 15 drive units. A factor that distinguishes the Megaline from practically everything else on the market, is the use of an unusually tall ribbon tweeter that runs almost floor to ceiling.

The Megaline's tweeter is "nearly" a continuous ribbon, equivalent to 80 (!) 25mm domes. The main difference between a line- and a point source is that a line creates a cylindrical rather than a spherical soundwave and this has important implications. First, the sound pressure of a cylindrical wave decays according to a square law, where as a spherical wave follows a cube law. The practical implication is that there will be noticeably less variation in loudness as one moves towards or away from the line source speakers, and therefore creates a more consistant volume level throughout the room. Because the line source delivers a cylindrical sound wave, there is virtually no output upwards or downwards, restricting ceiling and floor reflections. The total sound reaching the listener will have a smaller proportion of room reflected content compared to a point source, and this will sharpen the stereo image precision. The influence of room standing wave modes is likely to be reduced, but the most intriguing consequence is that the sound balance remains consistent and image stays at ear height, whether you are standing, sitting or lying on the floor. A final point is that because a line-source speaker necessarily has a much larger driver area than a point-source design, the speaker has massive reserves of power handling, loudness capability and headroom, and also couples well to the air volume in the listening room.
Furthermore, this speaker system offers an easy amplifier load of around 5 Ohms and therefore is also a candidate for valve amplifiers.
The Megalines play in the league of speakers costing above one million Rand.
We also have a second pair available, which is the Megaline Mk I. Both models are set up for demonstration. Please call us for further details.
Also see Absolute Sound Editors Choice and Stereoplay Germany, Editors choice, as well as British HiFi Choice Special Collection.
Price includes transport costs and installation within South Africa. New price EUR 60'000.

Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amplifier

R 28 900 Demo Unit Price
Audio Research SP17 Pre-Amp

Including phono stage and remote control. The SP17 is pure Class A and a benchmark in its segment of the market. It will infuse new life and vitality into virtually any system.
New Price R 54 000

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